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The Magic of a Yoni Jade Egg

The Magic of a Yoni Jade Egg

The Magic of a Yoni Jade Egg



The Yoni Jade Egg is a smooth egg-shaped crystal made out of 100% Nephite Jade Egg. The Jade Egg is a powerhouse of a tool, that a woman places inside her vagina to heal herself, get stronger muscles and achieve a deeper connection to her Yoni and her sexuality.

It is a tool used to awakening the pelvic floor in women. A healthy functioning pelvic floor is essential to pleasurable sex. The muscles of the pelvic floor are both directly and indirectly connected to the muscles and skeletal landmarks related to your core and breathing. And the health of pelvic floor muscles is of vital importance during childbirth and the quality of healing after delivery.  Most women do not know about the association between the diaphragm (our breathing muscle) and the pelvic floor. In my practice with women, I emphasize regular practices that massage and relax this vital section of your body. Some unsettling statistics concerning an imbalance in the pelvic floor musculature for women are that 80% of women suffer with incontinence, 60% struggle with organ prolapse and over 30% suffer with pain during sex. And countless women who deal with numbness and are not even aware that their vagina can be so much more sensitive and energized. 

There are several practices that can be done with the Jade Egg from energetic cleansing, sexual sensitivity and muscular strengthening. If you are new to Jade Egg and have not engaged in any pelvic floor relaxing massage practices, then please do not attempt any strengthening exercises with the Jade Egg or any Kegel exercises. You will just be tightening and desensitizing your vaginal muscles even more. I am more than happy to guide you through pelvic floor releasing practices as well as healing Jade Egg practices. 

Some advantages of using the Jade Egg are:

*Heals energetic blockages and awakens sexual energy.

*Enhances vaginal sensitivity (in a good way!)

*Regular use of the Jade Egg rewires neural pathways in the muscles so that you begin to feel more and more pleasure and may experiences deep and different types of orgasms.

*The Jade Egg helps women to connect to the sacredness of their boundaries and increases the capability of self- love and the development of safe boundaries.

*Many women also use the Jade Egg to tone their vaginal muscles for birth. Having a trauma free and energetically healthy vagina helps in a safer birth and recovery. (these practices should be done before you are actually pregnant, unless under the supervision of your OB)I

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The Magic of a Yoni Jade Egg

The Magic of a Yoni Jade Egg


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