Birthing a New Earth

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters fo Life's longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you.

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may strive to be like them,

but seek not to make them like you.

  "On Children, Kahlil Gibran"

Mother Earth is healing and raising her energetic blueprint.  The souls coming into this New Earth will be of a higher vibration that ever before.  For the souls on this planet now, we have spent a good portion of our lives healing from trauma and wounds that were passed on to us from our parents, especially our mothers.  The children coming into this world must be raised by conscious, awakened parents who have begun their inner journeys of healing and expansion. These children are here to do important work and do not have the time to heal the wounds of their parents. It is the responsibility of women and their partners to dive into their journey of personal growth,  their journey of manifestation and their journey into a deeper connection to their rights of passage.  

The Ancients understood the wisdom of the Womb and the sacredness of  a woman being conscious and connected to their powerhouse. They knew the importance of  deep clearing and awakening of the womb center for the creation of babies and desires. 

Unfortunately, we have lost our connection to this deep knowing. 

The Ancients also had the knowing the atmosphere of the womb directly effected the  development  of  the child.  Scientific research now shows that who we are on all levels-biologically, emotionally, and psychospirtually-is profoundly affected by our experiences in the womb. While we are gestating in the womb, our genetic expression is modified by literally everything that the mother experiences-food, toxins, relationships, emotions, illness, family support, cultural beliefs and so forth.  Her deep inner experience weaves us into being.(Womb Awakening, Bertrand and Bertrand)

Preparing one's body, mind and spirit to grow a healthy human being could be one of the most important and profound services a woman could offer her family and even the planet.(source unknown)

Your responsibility before you conceive a child is to begin doing your personal work in relation to emotions, traumas , belief systems (about your self, life, sex, old paradigms). 

Conscious Conception is multi-dimensional in that it addresses body, mind and spirit .  It shows how through self healing and personal growth, you can  create the Divine foundation to begin to call in your spirit child and be the best possible vessel and support this child needs to grow to its souls fullest potential of love and grace.

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10 Week Woman Awakeing Series

Below is an outline of a 10 week series.  The program is adaptable to your unique experience.  This is a prerequisite for any Conscious Conception Series.

Week 1-Womb massage and Yoni awakening session.

Week 2-Getting clear on desires and the belief of achieving them.

Week 3-Self Love and Body Love

Week 4-Inner child Integration

Week 5-Mother/Father Transformation

Week 6-New Sexual Story

Week 7-Wildness and Power

Week 8-Orgasm

Week 9-Relationship Clarity

Week 10-Tantric Sacred Sex

Conscious Conception

6 Week Tantric Sex/Sacred Sex for Couples

Week 1-Creating and getting clear on desires and educating about Better Sex vs Sacred Sex.

Week  2-Communication.

Week 3-Intimacy Exploration-Breathwork.

Week 4-Intimacy Exploration-5 Senses Play.

Week 5-Intimacy Exploration- Sex Magic.

Week 6-Intimacy Exploration-Sex and Spirit Lovemaking.

Calling in Spirit Baby

3 Session Series

Session 1-Womb massage and blessings, reconnecting to womb.

Session 2-Calling in Spirit Baby.

Session 3-Creating Rituals and Dance.

Deeper Exploration of Male Partner

3 Session Series