Sacred Womb Awakening and Yoni De-amoring


What does our womb represent

The womb is our sacred feminine center. It is within this energy center that we can find who we truly are. Our sacred wise woman and our authentic truth. Your womb is your sacred chalice, the Holy Grail, the Magdelene. The womb inside of you is a smaller replica of the Cosmic and Earth Womb. She is the Maiden, Mother and Crone. She is the Medicine Wheel of healing. When I started to connect to my womb, I finally understood how to feel and trust my intuition. 


What we carry in our womb

The womb is a powerful organism, she not only creates, sustains and give birth to new life, she also hold all trauma, emotional, physical and spiritual. The Ancients new of her power and would frequently perform cleansing rituals to move stagnant, toxic energy.  We have lost that knowledge and wildness inside of ourselves.  


How Sacred Womb Awakening can help

The pilgrimage of Sacred Womb Awakening is a journey in restroring your vitality and your connection to Gaia and the flow of life. Through Womb Awakening you reconnect to your heart, to love,  to the wild , erotic, sensual creature that you are. Your womb is your key to liberation. 


Yoni De-amoring

When we explore deeply into our bodies and release emotional, energetic, and physical contractions that block the free flowing of our life force, something incredible happens: our ALIVENESS awakens(Womb Awakening, Bertrand & Bertrand).  De-amoring is the most liberating, empowering, healing thing women can do for their bodies. Done on a regualr basis, it is core for the health of the vagina, sexuality and sensitivity and feeling most alive and connected inside of your body. 


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Womb Awakening & Yoni De-amoring Session

2 Hour Experience

This experience includes:

1. Introduction, setting intentions and boundaries and the sharing of Cacao. 

2. Explanation of pelvic floor release techniques.

2. Womb connection meditation.

3. Womb massage to ground and become present.

4. Yoni mapping and de-amoring.

5. Reiki and sound healing.

6. Integration Phase.

7. Grounding (dancing, sounding)

8. Sharing.

Also includes:

*Detailed Yoni Map to use for home practices.

*Somatic descriptions of body sensations that came up during session.

*Journal prompts and practices.

*A free 30 minute follow up session for checking in.

*Discounted instruction sessions on womb massasge, pelvic floor releasing and Jade egg practices.

**The above is an in-person session at my private office in Austin, Texas.  However, it is easily modified for Zoom instruction for women who are not local.